Rarefacci贸 events in collaboration with On-the-Fly

Rarefacci贸 events in collaboration with On-the-Fly

This year in its third edition, Rarefacció - a listening cycle proposing performances based on types of compositions very distant from each other aesthetically but very close on an emotional level- features three events in collaboration with On-the-Fly! 

Joining forces, Rarefacció and On-the-Fly propose a synergetic encounter between artists from different practices and musical backgrounds to offer a thrilling experimental experience.

On the 22nd of April, R3^^IX will perform alonside PLOM馃Ж

Rashad Becker and Kentaro Terajima will performan together on the 29th of April馃挜

And on the 13th of May Olivia Jack will present her work in musical code programming with the experimental musican George Adje. The same session will also host Daniel Moreno Roldán and Helicotrema.馃挘

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The event is co-organized by Hangar and co-funded by the @creative.eu program.

Published on April-22