My articles/posts Latest articles 2021-03-04T08:16:28+01:00 Vincent Composieux <![CDATA[on-the-fly research group]]> Live coding is the creation of real-time compositions by writing source code. As can be seen by the performance setup, the live coding practice highlights the role of the composer-programmer in today's world. 
Live coding activities have many layers and composer-programmers  have spent extensive hours designing, understanding, or extending numerous languages or libraries before performing. In addition, reflecting on live coding nature and possibilities contextualizes and restricts the possible paths to follow. This is an essential process as the possibilities would otherwise be infinte. 
For these reasons, the "on-the-fly" project has both a space for performances and  a space for research. In the research space we can discuss, explore, identify, reflect on and imagine creative directions in the live coding practice.
The members of the group are Anne  Veinberg (Creative Coding Utrecht), Patrick Borgeat (Karlsruhe University of Music, IMWI), Luka Frelih, Dare Pejić (Ljudmila Laboratory) and Iván Paz (Hangar).
2021-02-15T18:57:00+01:00 <![CDATA[On-the-Fly Open Call Results]]> On-the-fly selection committee, formed by Lluís Nacenta (Hangar), Lina Bautista (On-the-fly Art co-director), Fabian Van Sluijs (Creative Coding Utrecht), Dare Dare Pejić and Luka Frelih (Ljudmila), Yannick Hofmann and Ludger Brümmer (ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe),  has decided, among the 114 applications received, to award the grant to:

- Jack Armitage (Hangar)

- Shelly Knotts (Hangar)

- Malitzin Cortes & Ivan Abreu (ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe)

- Gaia Leandra  (ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe)

- Branimir Štivić (Creative Coding Utrecht)

- The Twin Stranger (Creative Coding Utrecht)

- Bruno Gola (Ljudmila)

- Anna Carreras (Ljudmila)

We sincerely thank all participants and wish all the best to the awarded artists!

With the support of:

Ph: Paula Leinard