on-the-fly: Live Coding Hacklab in ZKM

on-the-fly: Live Coding Hacklab in ZKM

Join the Live Coding Hacklab 2022 in ZKM, Karlsruhe from January 28-30, 2022! all coding enthusiasts can program collaboratively with international experts. The weekend will be opened by a variety of exciting live coding performances.

The Hacklab will connect live coding with areas ranging from machine learning to spatial sound to programming visuals. There will also be a special on the format of Algorave. Each of these areas will be supervised by international mentors: Alexandra Cárdenas, Anna Xambó Sedó, Antonio Roberts, Iván Paz, Lina Bautista and Marije Baalman.

On the occasion of and during the two-day Hacklab, live coding masterclasses (with Shelly Knotts, Olivia Jack and Kıvanç Tatar) and workshops for beginners (children, teenagers and adults) will be offered. The results of the workshops will be presented in evening presentations and »from scratch sessions«.

The event will kick off on Friday, January 28 with several live coding performances that offer a wide range of different aesthetics and approaches to the audiovisual performance art. We are very pleased to present CodeKlavier, Luka Prinčič and  Blaz Pavlica as well as our Artists in Residence Malitzin Cortés & Iván Abreu, Gaia Leandra and Kıvanç Tatar via livestream.

The Hacklab and the live coding performances are part of the project »on-the-fly« and co-funded by the European Union's »Creative Europe« program. With »on-the-fly«, ZKM, Hangar Barcelona, Creative Coding Utrecht and Ljudmila Art + Science Laboratory have made it their goal to foster the European live coding scene.


We are happy if you would like to participate in the »on-the-fly: Live Coding Hacklab«.
Register for free and binding at on-the-fly@zkm.de.
Please reference the format(s) in which you plan to participate:

  • Hacklab
  • Masterclass Shelly Knotts / Olivia Jack / Kıvanç Tatar
  • Workshop Kids / Teens

(No registration is required for the concert evening with live coding performances on Friday).

Published on January-22