REGISTERS OF CODE: The humxn machine as an organist of the 21st century

REGISTERS OF CODE: The humxn machine as an organist of the 21st century

Registers of Code is a concert night where the world of software development unites with that of organ music. Historically known as a musical tradition evolved from improvisation, organ music shares more similarities to the art of software development than one might expect. With its roots in improvisation, programming can be used to produce audio visual artworks in real-time. During the concert, the relationship between the two practices will be highlighted, not by contrasting them but by fusing them into one.

Through three different performances, we will explore how digital artists enrich the organ. From applying artificial intelligence to create new compositions to using the body as an instrument through sensors, the power of improvisation will be central to the course of the evening. Visit the concert on the 12th of February and experience the masterful balance between the elements of surprise and recognition.

Artists: EerieEar (NL), Branimir Štivić (HR) Rachel Devorah Roma (US)

Partners: On-The-Fly [Creative Coding Utrecht, Zentrum Fúr Kunst and Medien Karlsruhe, Hangar Barcelona, Ljudmila Lublijana], Orgelpark

The event is made possible by Creative Europe & Fonds Podiumkunsten Stimulerignsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Practical intformation:
Location: Orgelpark
Date: 12 February 2022
Time: 20h CET
Tickets: € 17,50/10,00

Published on February-22