VIU - Live coding Festival

VIU - Live coding Festival

Live Coding meeting organized in HANGAR by Toplap Barcelona. It will take place from March 24 to 27, 2021 in Barcelona (

This meeting is an invitation to learn about this practice, participate and exchange experiences with the community of Barcelona.

For all activities, prior registration is required. You can register here.


Wednesday 24, 18h

Presentation concert of “Down the Rabbit Hole” the first live coding compilation album by members of Toplap Barcelona community, edited by Call It Anything Records.
With Iván Paz, Chigüire, Linalab, QBRNTHSS, Alfonsofonso, Eloi el Bon Noi, Niklas Reppel, Alicia Champlin, Gabriel Millán, Glen Fraser, Roger Pibernat.

Thursday 25, 12h
Workshop introduction to live coding by Alexandra Cárdenas and Lina Bautista.
An introduction to the Tidal Cycles programming language, held at the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the Sound Art Master Degree.

“From scratch” session.
Monthly session where each participant has nine minutes to write a small piece starting from a blank screen. 

Friday 26, 18h

ALGORAVE. Algoraves are events where music generated with algorithms is danced, including the practice of live coding, as well as other approaches to control and perform generative music.
This time with Toni J., Turbulente, QBRNTHSS, Linalab, Chigüire,  Alexandra Cárdenas, Alicia Champlin.


Saturday 27, 12h

How to make people dance?
A meeting of Toplap Barcelona community to talk about performative techniques in Algorave performances. 
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