"SuperCollider with tea" (a.k.a SuperCollider meeting)

"SuperCollider with tea" (a.k.a SuperCollider meeting)

On May 20th at 06.30 p.m, Hangar hosts "SuperCollider with tea" (a.k.a SuperCollider meeting), a Q&A session dedicated to the practice of live coding through SuperCollider. Shelly Knotts (on-the-fly artist-in-residence) and the TOPLAP-Barcelona live coding community will participate to the initiative.

SuperCollider (McCartney, J. 1996) is a programming language, originally designed for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition that is used for live coding, either as a language or as a sound synthesis engine. SuperCollider can be used in a variety of ways and it is extremely inspiring to understand the different techniques in which people use it. 

The session is also an opportunity to solve doubts derived from the last SuperCollider workshop moderated by live coder Shelly in the framework of ProxySpace. Additionally, the meeting will prepare the next From Scratch live coding session organized by Toplap_Barcelona on May 27th, which will be dedicated to Supercollider. 


• * SuperCollider: a new real time synthesis language. In Proc. International Computer Music Conference

• A Gentle Introduction to SuperCollider (2nd edition) https://scholarcommons.scu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1082&context=faculty_books 


Practical information workshop 

Date: 20 May 

Time: 18.30 h 

Place: Sala Plató, Hangar. c/ Emília Coranty, 16. 

It is necessary to bring a computer (OSX/ Windows/ Linux) and a pair of headphones. 

No registration is required. 

+ info ludovica@hangar.org 


The event is part of the European On-the-fly project and is supported by the Creative Europe programme.




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