Roger Pibernat: Research Residency and 'Keyboard Acrobatics' Workshop

Roger Pibernat: Research Residency and 'Keyboard Acrobatics' Workshop

Roger Pibernat is a self-taught illustrator, musician and programmer, who constantly explores new artistic expressions and fields of knowledge. He started using SuperCollider in 2011 and has since performed with the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra. Roger is co-founder of the art collective , where he makes electroacoustic instruments, develops digital and interactive installations and creates audiovisual performances. He is an active member of the growing live coding community in Barcelona.

Roger is currently part of Ljudmila's research residency and he is developing a series of tools that will help speed up coding in SuperCollider and make it easier for beginners. During his residency, Roger is developing techniques for code input, editing, organization, setup, and navigation workflows in live coding perfomances with SuperCollider. His idea is to create a technical guide for playing the instrument - the code in SuperCollider - just like a documentation on playing techniques for analog instruments is made. Roger's goal for the proposed SuperCollider code is to conform as much as possible to the live coding manifesto, especially in points regarding the insight into algorithms and performer's mindset, and the ability to produce expressive music.

As part  of his residency Roger organized the 'Keyboard Acrobatics' Workshop: in the first part of his workshop, that took place on the 23rd of March, he introduced the participants to the live coding tools he has been developing during his residency at osmo/za. 
For the second part of the workshop he organized a 'From Scratch: live coding session', where the participants experimented with the tools and knowledge provided and performed through the From Scratch format.

The event was co-organized by @ljudmilalab and co-funded by the program.

Published on March-22