ICLC 2023

ICLC 2023

The 2023 International Conference on Live Coding edition is organized by four live coding communities and artistic institutions based in the Netherlands, Ljubljana, Barcelona and Karlsruhe. This partnership emerged from the on-the-fly project carried out by a spread network across those places. Therefore, this ICLC edition is produced with a commitment to distributed work, where the organization process occurs as a feedback loop between communities.

The International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) is dedicated to practices and research focused on technologies and philosophies that interpret the use of computer code as gesture within the context of live performances. In its previous editions the community has offered important insights on this practice from many diverse perspectives – technical, philosophical, educational, political and more.

ICLC 2023 takes place in Utrecht, The Netherlands from April 19 to April 23 2023, and we wish to challenge our community to bridge even further to its multidisciplinary strengths. We are pleased to invite submissions of proposed contributions in the form of theoretical works, live and live-recorded audio/visual performances, videos, workshops and satellite events. This call is open to everyone. We encourage submissions that cover any topic related to live coding, but in particular we invite the exploration of the following overarching main theme:


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Published on November-22 by On the fly