Algorave at GOGBOT: 09 September 2021

Algorave at GOGBOT: 09 September 2021

This year, on the occasion of the GOGBOT Festival 2021, On the Fly will take part in the Algorave event on the 9th of September.

During the event, several coders from Europe will join and perform during the day.

For now, we see the participation of Iván Paz, the artist in residence of On the fly and the live coder Blaž Pavlica.

GOGBOT is an annual festival in Enschede organized by Planetart, a local group of artists. The festival deals with subjects in the area of multimedia, art, music and technology.

This year GOGBOT 2021 dives into the transformation of our information ecosystem in times of synthetic media, #deepfakes, conspiracy theories, and more.

How do we stay together as a society in times when nothing is as it seems? It’s time to recalibrate reality!


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Title: Gogbot Algorave 2021
Location: The Sickhouse, Enschede
Date & Time: 9th of September, starting from 22:00

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